Our Story


Over 20 years ago, our family established a modest kitchen shop in the heart of Norwich called The Annex.

From here we could share our passion with the local community and perfect our trade.

From those humble beginnings, our business has grown to deliver stunning projects to customers across the country, including some celebrities along the way.

Although times have changed, our ethos hasn't. Our mission is to provide precise, well designed and durable cabinetry that is accessible to people from all walks of life, in any area of the UK.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce


Alfie and George Cupboards. 





"Alfie and George" is proudly named after two family members who served in World War II and we take much inspiration from their generational values.

We provide a no-nonsense approach to ensure we provide quality products and great customer service to match.

Unlike "The Annex" where we hand make, paint and fit the kitchen, "Alfie and George" gives you the power to choose.

Our business has been engineered specifically to ensure your project is as easy as possible to create.

Our product pages contain set sized cupboards these can be used as a design and price guideline, these sizes can be changed if necessary.

Our kitchen design service is completely free and no obligation (Click here to learn more)

We offer hand painting for around + 20% (dependant on site location and kitchen size).

Bespoke items can be made upon request.   


Watch our video to find out more.










For more information contact our team today. (Click here for contact information)