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How to Paint Your Cabinets





First things first, you will need to source the materials stated on the check list. To make the process as easy as possible, remove all doors and drawers, it is wise to keep track of which door/drawer fits which cabinet. Lightly sand the surfaces which you intend to paint with 320 grit sandpaper, vacuum up the dust and lightly clean the wood with a damp cloth. Once your cupboards are beautifully smooth, use masking-tape to cover any parts of your units you do not wish to paint.




Once you have decided on your favourite colour, you will need your paint tray, roller and paint brush. Starting with the brush, apply paint to the hardest to reach areas of the given section (the fiddly bits), before this dries complete the rest of the area with a roller, making sure to spread the paint evenly. Depending on the colour and how well the paint covers your cabinets they will need either two or three coats (we recommend 3).




Before repainting the following day, rub all the painted surfaces with a fine grade 400 grit sandpaper and repeat process. We suggest no more than one coat a day, this will allow the paint to dry properly. The paint we recommend using is Beckers Symfoni; this is an eco-friendly water based paint, making it easy to wash brushes and rollers whilst leaving a gorgeous silky finish.





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