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How to fit your cabinets


Most of our customers decide to hire a kitchen fitter or work in conjunction with a builder. On average a kitchen takes between 3-5 days to fit, depending on size and design. The beauty of Alfie and George is the opportunity to fit your own kitchen and in the process save money along the way.

Whatever your approach safety should always be the top priority. Commonly, minor Gas and/or electric work will need to be done when fitting. This means you must employ a Gas Safe registered professional and any electric work must be done in accordance with the wiring and building regulations.

Once you have planned out and organised the project you must ensure your space is clear, so grab a screwdriver and a hammer and have fun dismantling your old cupboards.

If you have decided to relay the floor, it is important to complete this before installation. This will allow your cabinetry to sit level with your chosen surface.

Once ready, slide your Alfie and George cupboards into position and make sure they are level. At this point a spirit level, pencil and measuring tape are essential. Our units are solid wood, come fully assembled and negate the need for adjustable feet. This means dependent on how level your floor is, you may need to scribe the bottoms to ensure they sit flush with the floor and wall.

We suggest it is best to screw your levelled cupboards together prior to securing them to the wall. This way it is less likely you will need to adjust the height of the cabinetry again. Once you have done so fit the units to the wall ready for the worktops.

Most premium worktop suppliers fit their products free of charge and will create a custom template depending on your design preferences.





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